I Remember President Reagan

                   President Ronald Reagan and Assemblyman Arnaldo A. Ferraro  June 10, 1985

By: Arnaldo A. Ferraro

On the occasion of the 100 birthday of President Ronald Reagan I would like to pay homage to the 40th President of the United States of America who invited me to the White House as a NY State Assemblyman for a ceremony at a Reception for New Republicans on June 10, 1985.

To be invited by the President of the United States of America was one of the most exciting events that happened in my life.  I felt very humbled and extremely honored and was overcome with emotion. On the plane to Washington, I was thinking of what would be my reaction when I was in the presence of what I considered to be one of the greatest Presidents of our country.

Departing from Dulles, I went straight to the White House by taxi and I was met at the entrance by the Secret Service and immediately whisked to the Reception room in the White House. The room was filled with dignitaries and other guests, television and radio reporters. President Reagan gave the following speech and the he introduced the invited guests in a dignified, yet down to earth manner. Ronald Reagan introduced me to the audience and shook hands with me.

At the conclusion of the ceremony I was interviewed by the media. I also received a warm welcome by then Vice-President George H. Bush.  Needless to say it was a great experience and one that I will remember for the rest of my life

Excerpt from speech:  Remarks at a White House Reception for New Republicans   June 10, 1985

 “….And there is an Italian immigrant who taught himself English, earned a college degree in America, and was a loyal Democrat all his life. But after being elected to his State assembly, he switched parties and became a Republican—all that in the year 1984, in the State of New York, and with the name “Ferraro”. We welcome Arnaldo A. Ferraro to the Republican Party.”

Happy 100th Birthday President Reagan.