A Tale Of The Poodle And The Patsy


A Tale Of The Poodle And The Patsy
Lucretia Regina-Potter

In a recent NY Post article: Clueless pols call for benefit boosts, lawmakers have introduced at least 55 pieces of legislation this year to give state workers more-generous benefits and allow governments to kick costs down the road, — exactly the opposite of what is needed while facing a looming public-pension crisis

“One bill — sponsored by pension-oversight chiefs Assemblyman Peter Abbate Jr. (D-Brooklyn) and Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) — would extend to school districts a controversial scheme to let local governments borrow against future pension returns to pay current retirement costs.”
The Citizens Budget Commission, a watchdog group led by President Carol Kellerman, reported their findings and stated that “The bills reflect no acknowledgement of the financial burden that taxpayers already bear.” Kellerman says their mere introduction shows a disconnect from the state’s pension predicament.
Always eloquent, the vainglorious Peter Abbate took offense to this report and statedKellerman should spend more time worrying about serious problems we have than putting out nonsense like this,…this is a cheap shot,…and much of the proposed legislation would never pass“. Here’s a news flash Mr. Abbate, we do have serious problems and making the public aware of them is NOT nonsense! As the head of the Assembly’s Governmental Employees Committees it is your duty to legislate with fiscal responsibility and not waste taxpayer money proposing legislation that you know will never come to be. After twenty six years in office, can you accomplish some real work for a change?

The Editor of the NY Post also shares these sentiments:
[“We want to [alleviate] . . . pressure on local governments and school districts and individual employees,” says bill sponsor Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn), a perennial union patsy. Obviously Golden and Abbate couldn’t care less that borrowing to fund current-day expenses is the same as taking a mortgage to pay grocery bills — and that it’s what almost brought down New York City a generation ago. Anyway, what Golden and Abbate really want to alleviate is pressure on themselves — brought by their true masters, the unions.]

It has been stated several times in the past that there seems to be a well-orchestrated and coordinated cooperation between these two members of our “dysfunctional” State Legislature. While this may appear to many as “good government”, the end result is the taxpayer paying too high a price.
The tax and spend programs of the Democrats should be controlled by the fiscally conservative philosophy of the Republican public official.  How can spending millions of dollars in this harsh economic crisis be justified by those whose interests at best are self-serving?

Alas, this is the case in our own backyard.  As long as this “deal” stays in place, the people of our area will be misled into thinking that they have the best representation. The stark reality is that the hard working families are being forced to dig deeper into their pockets once again.  These representatives insult the intelligence and integrity of their constituents. They continue to misconstrue financial fact into fiscal fantasy. Do they really think we will accept this? Truth be told, all the political machinations and false witness against my candidacy in the past do not hold a candle to the fact that “the Poodle and the Patsy” are truly duplicitous when it comes to the needs of our families and our community.
We the people truly deserve much better! It is up to us to decide how much more of this nonsense we are willing to take, cheap shots included.