A Proven Track Record

September 10, 2011

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Supporters:

As the Republican District Leader of the 49th Assembly District I am writing to warn you of a hateful, malicious, and outright ridiculous mailing that you may have received from our opponents.

Differently from the male and female candidates running us, who have little or no political background or any previous involvement in our community affairs, we have raised our voices in strong support of the interests of and in defense of our community. The negative and derogatory comments made about us prove that our opponents have nothing better to offer you!

I will mention one major fact to discredit their attempts and give you yet another example of their despicable intent to cause more damage to our fractured and beleaguered Republican Party in Brooklyn:  In 2001, my running mate Michael Bennette and I were not involved in any political activities in Brooklyn!

In 2010, our opponents had nothing to do with the election of Congressman Michael Grimm. I was the first Republican District Leader, in all of Brooklyn, to endorse Michael Grimm for Congress, and he won his primary in Brooklyn under my leadership, along with the hard work of the dedicated members of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization. The candidate running against Michael Grimm was sponsored and supported by our opponents.

Also in 2010, Joe DioGuardi, the United States Senatorial candidate for the state of New York, not only won his primary in Brooklyn under my leadership, but also won the General election in the 49th Assembly District against Kirsten Gillibrand. Once again our opponents sponsored and supported another candidate.

In 2008, once again under my leadership, John McCain, the Republican candidate for President won in the 49th Assembly District. The 49th AD was one of three Districts in Brooklyn to vote Republican, but we were the only winning District that achieved victory with grassroots campaigning and not with the cross-endorsement of the incumbent elected officials.  The supposed “Red” districts in Brooklyn, voted “Blue”.

Notice the trend?

Here is another fact for you:

NO REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES WON IN THE BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN IN 2010. NOT ONE. According to the pundits, 2010 was supposed to be a “Republican “year.  Obviously that did not happen in the borough of Brooklyn.

Remember that our opponents have no knowledge or previous experience in our neighborhood. Their opposition to us is based in fictitious and malicious grounds only to further their own personal agendas.

Please vote your conscience on Tuesday, September 13, 2011. Please vote for me, LUCRETIA REGINA-POTTER, and my running mate MICHAEL BENNETTE. We have a proven track record of Republican success in our area, we are the REAL and TRUE Republicans of the 49th Assembly District, and we are the official candidates of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization!

Thank you for your continued support.

Lucretia Regina-Potter

Republican District Leader-49 AD