Palm Tree Poodle

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Lucretia Regina-Potter,

Republican State Committeewoman- 49 Assembly District

Recently, the N.Y. Post published an article by Carl Campanile and Dan Mangan entitled “NY Union Bigs Take Heat Over Junket”.  Many constituents, both Republican  and  Democratic, have called and emailed me regarding this article, as well as a NY Post editorial entitled “The Fat Cat Frolic”. Both articles mention the fact that this particular union “convention” comprised of representatives of NY state and local workers, was held in sunny and beautiful Puerto Rico. This posh convention was attended, by invitation of these unions, by none other than our favorite elected official who works so hard at accomplishing nothing but the deterioration of the 49th Assembly District, the infamous union poodle, Assemblyman Peter Abbate

A large portion of the 49th Assembly District is comprised of many union members, many of whom are very upset and quite incensed about this. Many are struggling to raise families on reduced wages and increased medical costs as the result of recent budgetary negotiations with the NYS government. “It creates resentment, not only amongst the hard working dues-paying union members, but within the community itself. People think of us as pampered, and living high on the hog off their tax money,” stated one irritated constituent. A caller also stated “What is the worst is that Peter Abbate not only got a paid vacation, he had the nerve to hold a fund raiser financed by the union bosses with our dues money! The wages that we worked so hard for went to that parasite to get a sun tan!”

Overall, this trip may be seen as a way to do business as usual in Albany. Union officials who plead the plight of their workers in front of  Committee Chairman like Peter Abbate, get to sample Mohitos with them poolside in the Caribbean, while discussing how to further drain the taxpayers to keep themselves in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Furthermore, holding a fundraiser in a locale and situation like this is an evident indication of corruption allowing to fester and flaunting it. If this is not considered illegal, it is certainly unethical. The kicker is that Abbate scurried back to Albany to vote in favor of the governor’s tax-hike package!

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Lucretia Regina-Potter is the Female Republican District Leader of the 49th Assembly District in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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