A Statement from Lucretia Regina-Potter

Statement from Lucretia Regina-Potter

All those that welcome the selection of an obscure and unknown member of the Brooklyn GOP to run for Assembly in the 46th AD, with the support of the “Gang of Five” elected Republican officials, and the Brooklyn GOP chairman, got what they deserved. The returns of the Primary election still show, when accurately interpreted, that more than one third of loyal and active Republicans in the new 46th Assembly district, are disappointed with such a choice, and they may also possibly express their disappointment in the upcoming November election.

One thing is for certain, I am still a duly elected member the NYS Republican State Committee, and I will continue to fulfill my responsibilities as such.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those Republicans who supported me and the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization and I look forward to meeting my new constituents in the near future.

Remember, your vote is the most valuable support a candidate can receive and supersedes any endorsement from any public official.

Thank You,

Lucretia Regina-Potter