The Ineffectual Divide

The recent endorsement of Joe Lhota by New York State Senator Marty Golden, the only Republican elected official in Brooklyn, is another indication on how divided and consequently ineffective the GOP Party is in Kings County.
This is a painful admission, especially when it comes from me, a strong and loyal supporter of the Republican Party. In fact, after I was elected Assemblyman upon defeating an incumbent Democratic Assemblyman in the majority (an unprecedented political event in Brooklyn), I am still the last and only Republican Assemblyman entirely from the largest County in New York State, Brooklyn, N.Y.
The scenario of the race for mayor of New York City gives us a picture of a fragmented Republican Party throughout the five boroughs: two Republican County Chairmen, Manhattan and Queens, have endorsed one candidate, two others, Brooklyn and Bronx, are leaning towards endorsing a non-Republican candidate, and finally, Staten Island, has indicated interest in  endorsing a third candidate.
The mayoral race in Brooklyn is even more fragmented than the one described above:  it has been rumored that Kings County Conservative Chairman (who also serves as Chief of staff for Senator Marty Golden) is inclined to favor John Catsimatidis while his boss (Marty Golden) has officially endorsed Joe Lhota. To make things even more confusing, the Chairman of the Kings County Republican Party has promoted the endorsement of Adolfo Carrion, an independent candidate. This is certainly the picture of the most divided Republican Party I have ever seen. Republicans deserve better than this!
It is not by accident that the motto of the U.S. of America is “E Pluribus Unum” (One Out of Many), which is followed by our own motto “United We Stand.” Both mottos are the most compelling reasons for rejecting the divisiveness among the five Republican Chairmen and Republican elected officials of New York City. They must accept the necessary conclusion that a unified effort is for the best interest of the Republican Party, and not their own personal interests.
I cannot help to suspect that such a lack of unity is a strategically orchestrated posture for all of them to be represented and be in good graces with the primary election winner from among the candidates they have selected. They also have eliminated two other Republican candidates from consideration of their planned endorsements: Tom Allon and George McDonald. Such an omission shows their lack of knowledge and history of prior mayoral elections events. Remember, John Lindsey was elected Mayor on an independent and Liberal ticket after losing the Republican primary!
Arnaldo A. Ferraro

Founder/Chairman, Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization