Former NYS Assemblyman ARNALDO A. FERRARO, Ph.D., who was elected Republican State Committeeman (District Leader) on September 14, 1993 and who shall be considered the Founder of this Organization, hereby establishes the FIORELLO LA GUARDIA Regular Republican Organization.


Membership to the FIORELLO LA GUARDIA Regular Republican Organization is open to all registered Republican. Those who are not registered Republican must re-register as Republican when becoming members. People who are not of voting age or under age 30 may join the Club as young Republicans.


The majority of the members of the Executive Committee confirm officers of the Organization, who are selected among the members by the Executive Chairman. They are the Executive Chairman (ex officio), the District Leaders (Male and Female also ex-officio), the President, three Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, as many Coordinators as decided by the Chairman, a Vice-Secretary and a Vice-Treasurer. The Officers constitute the Executive Board of the Organization. Each of the Officers reports directly to the President with the exception of the Leaders who report to the Executive Chairman.

ART. IV  The Executive Chairman

The majority of the members of the Executive Committee elect the Executive Chairman. He/she represents the Organization in all of its activities. He/she appoints all Officers and members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Chairman calls and conducts all meetings of the Executive Board.


The Leaders or State Committeemen of an Assembly District are a Male Leader and a Female Leader who are elected every other year (odd years) in a public election by the Republican registered voters, together with the County Committee Members, Delegates, and Alternate Delegates to the Judicial Convention. The Leaders represent the Organization in the Executive Committee of the County.


The PRESIDENT calls and conducts the monthly General Membership meetings of the Organization. He/she directs the officers and members of the Executive Board to call their assigned list of members as a reminder for the next General meetings. The meetings are conducted according to the following format:


  • Take Attendance (Secretary)
  • Pledge of Allegiance and Political Update (President)
  • Distribute Membership Cards (if any – Vice-President for membership)
  • Committees Report (if any – Committees Chairmen)
  • Treasurer Report (if available)
  • Distribute Applications, Forms, etc. (if any)
  • Introduction  of Executive Chairman (President)
  • Introduction of Coordinators (check the attendance from calling list ) (Chairman)
  • Introduction of Guest Speakers (Chairman)
  • New Business and Adjournment

b. The PRESIDENT is in charge of the Captains program. A Coordinator shall assist the President in this program.

c. The three VICE PRESIDENTS are specifically in charge of a program each. One Vice-President is in charge of the quality of life, one Vice-President is in charge of the County Committee, one Vice-President is in charge of the inspectors. A Coordinator could be assigned to assist each Vice-President.

d. THE SECRETARY is in charge of taking and keeping meetings records and attendance, mailing meeting notices, keeping membership records and files. A Vice-Secretary assists the secretary.

e. The TREASURER is in charge of all financial affairs of the Organization and keeps all financial records. He/she gives a financial report at the Executive and General meetings and is assisted by a Vice-Treasurer.

The COORDINATORS, the VICE-PRESIDENTS and the VICE-TREASURER are Officers of the Organization and are appointed by the Executive Chairman.


The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the Organization, under the direction of the Executive Chairman, includes all of the Officers, and as many Coordinators and other members as appointed by the Executive Chairman.

The Executive Chairman calls the meetings of the Executive Board every month.